What does a neuropsychological assessment involve?

A neuropsychological assessment involves completion of reliable and standardized tests designed to evaluate cognitive and emotional functioning. It might also involve a clinical interview with the client, and the client’s family if available, as well as review of medical records and other collateral information. The length of the assessment can vary depending on the reason for the assessment. It will also typically involve a feedback meeting to discuss what results mean for the individual and review treatment recommendations. A wide variety of tests are administered. An individual might be asked to fill out paper and pencil tests, complete test on the computer, complete tasks with their hands, or answer questions out loud. The cognitive domains assessed by a neuropsychologist include;

  • General intellectual functioning (i.e. IQ)
  • Academic skills (e.g. reading, writing)
  • Attention and concentration
  • Learning and memory
  • Speech and language skills
  • Visual and spatial skills
  • Thinking speed and efficiency
  • Problem solving
  • Abstract thinking
  • Sensory and motor skills
  • Mood and personality